Your story is your legacy.

Will you be remembered as the person who binge-watched Netflix? Or for the timeless tales you shared - passing on the torch to future generations? 


Nobody can tell it like you can

Everyone has a story to tell. The problem is, most people don't know how.

Rambling, yawning, eclectic, or unique are some of the more kind words that describe the experience of listening to novice storytellers. Not everyone is so kind.

But it's not your story's fault. 

Have you ever noticed that the more you tell your story, the better it gets?

That's because the more you involve yourself in what the experience meant, the more you can find sensory details to describe it, show what the characters were trying to do, what made the whole experience so interesting, and how it was resolved.

You don't have to leave a novice story as your legacy. 

You need help, just like you would if you didn't know how to fix a backed up toilet, or the transmission of your car. 

I can't help you with your car, or your toilet. But I can help you craft a great book. I will work with you to allow you the creative control you want, coupled with knowledge of how the publishing industry works, and how to combine the two so that you can reach as many people as possible.

Jules is very professional to work with. He is very patient and accommodating. I highly recommend him.
— Hena Husein, Bestselling Author of From Fear to Freedom

What We can Achieve

  • We will be realistic about your outcome, emphasizing output first, and foremost. You will learn how to let your book market itself, no gimmicks or quick hacks. Better content will always yield better results.
  • Self publishing or traditional publishing? We can figure out where your story belongs and get it to the finish line.
  • Writer's block? I don't believe in it. When you start your journey with a map in hand, you can always find where you are when you're lost. We will create a unique map for your journey.
  • Find the heart of your story and let it shine. Deeper than plot, and theme is an element that makes a great story stand out, so often lacking these days. We will mine it and polish it.
  • Turn your characters into people. We will create a believable scenario with honest character motivations. Your audience will be able to relate to your truth, no matter your genre.
  • Find your 'Why.' If you don't know why you're writing - you might not be writing. Once we discover why you absolutely must write, then you will actually do it.