Writing About Writing - A Blog For Writers and Readers Of Writers' Writing. (Bonus illustrating posts too.)

Another Blog On Writing! Hooray!

If you’re a writer in search of some inspiration, and you’re clicking aimlessly around the internet to read stuff about writing, even though you know deep down you should actually just be writing right now, then you have hit paydirt! I won’t waste your time rehashing anything, I will offer insight on all things writing related, and hopefully you will come away with more knowledge after you read my posts. But seriously, you do need to get back to writing after you read this.

If you’re a reader and you want to laugh about the plight of authors, or you’re related to someone, or a friend of someone afflicted with the writing condition (my deepest condolences), then you might find some stuff here. Please poke around and enjoy.

If you’re an illustrator, or drawing, or coloring enthusiast, I will also be posting up articles and blog posts about art, both mine and art in general.

You’re welcome to follow my successes and failures as an author, and illustrator. I will tell it like it is. If you have any questions, or want to hear an article about something, please reach out to me at

I’m often available to hire, and possibly available to collaborate.

Who am I?

My name is Jules Fox, and I’ve always wanted to be an author. I started self-publishing at age 7 with the book “Where Does the Elephant Go When It Rains?” I’ve since self-published 10 of my own books on Amazon, and helped many others self-publish their work, as well.

I’m currently shopping a few completed manuscripts with agents, and my intention is to become a hybrid author that both traditionally publishes with major publishing houses, as well as a self-published author. I am writing, and illustrating in the following genres:

Young Adult: I love to tell fantasy/adventure stories. My manuscript I’ve completed in this genre is Treasure Island - Terror in Thailand, which is basically a major overhaul of the original Treasure Island story, with social justice themes, set along the East coast of modern Thailand.

Middle Grade: I have an adventure story about a group of middle graders who sneak into the building next door to find out more about a big seed chemical company that is constructing an armada of poison sprays next to their organic farm school. The kids are caught in a predicament when a hurricane hits, and threatens to unleash all the toxic chemicals into the fragile Hawaii ecosystem.

Coloring Books: I’ve started my line of coloring books with the Unicorn Coloring Book, Draw Your Own Adventure where you get to choose the words and story path, and then illustrate yourself, and My First Coloring Book: Numbers, which is aimed at young audiences and has the numbers 1-20 in English, Chinese, French, and Spanish. Up next is a Mermaid Coloring Book, and then Dinosaurs, Robots, Dragons, and all the good stuff that kids love.

Picture Books: I’m just adding color to a completed book called “Dark the Shark: They Can’t All Be Great Whites” which is about an Orca who thinks he is a great white shark, and feels bullied by the other Great Whites. Strong social justice themes meet cute orcas, sharks, and an octopus.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! I’m so appreciative for all of you authors, artists, and readers out there.

I proudly have affiliate links in my blog posts, which are either my own work, or work that I strongly believe is a game changer, and recommend because I use it myself. I could never have achieved the success I have so far without great products designed to build us our artistic communities of all types.